About the Warrior Healing Center

The Warrior Healing Center at 1838 Paseo San Luis in Sierra Vista (WHC) is an elegant solution to a very real need. 50+ orgs who support veterans collaborate under one roof to improve the lives of veterans and their families. 100% of the proceeds from your purchase will go to assist our veterans!

Services provided include service dog training, art classes, fitness classes, PTSD support, PTSD Tapping therapy, Flutes for Vets Native American Flute Circles, holistitc health options, equine activities, navigation support for veteran hurdles and more! Join us for Bagels & Brew on Thursday mornings and find comfort and camaraderie in our "Green Zone". Veterans often feel like they are still taking fire years after leaving the military. That's because they are. WHC provides options as well as a structure that offers unit support and cover similar to that of the military. Come tell us your story - we've got your back! In addition to facilitating navigation to needed services for veterans, WHC strengthens the community by creating win-win solutions with organizations in the buildling and in our community. WHC is asking the community in Cochise County, that exists because of the military and our veterans, to give back to our veterans and their families in a new and exciting way: $22 a month, which is about the cost of a cup of coffee a week, is all we ask from our community members and businesses. Buy a cup of coffee a week for a veteran and be part of the vital support provided to our veterans at WHC. We'll be sure our clients understand who's supporting them in this community and they'll share with you their experiences at WHC when they come as patrons to your business!

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