Praise God
I would rather be and old fart than a young moron
I'm Dead In Dog years
Mercy from the Lord
Friends are treasures
flowers and family
Bunch of flowers
John 3:16
Wild Elephant
Wild Cat
Pucker Up Lemons and Limes
Old Timer
young love old love new love one love
I'm not old...
At my age getting lucky means finding my car keys
Sexy Cenior Citizen
Senior Citizen give me my dam discount
More than old people
My Bucket List
If you love me keep my comandments....
Love is the Heaven Sent Sweetness of a new born baby!
Don't stand in someone elses shadow....
Seasoned Veteran
If your going to walk the walk gotta talk the talk
True Love Waits
The Kiss
Move it and loose it it's all in the use it....
Let's put it into practice what is grace?
Trying to enjoy the best of the rest...
Keep the faith, .....
Football the game that RULES!
Let Heaven and Earth Sing! Go Green!
Trust In The Lord
If The Lord delights....
Test The Breast
Faith requires love.....
Let's get physical
Rejectiong Christ is rejectiong your only way to heaven
The Deepest of Love....
The Essence of God True Love
I like christain music
I like classical music
I like latino music
I like rock music
Garage Sale Nut
Home is where the heart is
Life is a school.....
Hot stuff with hot flashes
ya'll come back now...
Young love old love new love one love
The Secret to life is to enjoy the journey
True Direction.....
A family who prays together stays together!
Courage is saying I will try again tomorrow!
Die hard football fan...
Don't judge a book by it's cover....
Grumpy Old Man
Help save mother earth .....
In The Begining it was God's creation.....
People are meant to be loved and things used
Restoration in progress take it or leave it...
Slightly cracked but still a good egg
Hang On God is in control
To the person who recieves them....
The Heart That Gathers Gives
The U in Jesus begins with U
Football Rules
Walking Old FArt
Explore the earth.....
Gossip Think
Growing up is hard to do sometimes
One Word....
Birds Of a Feather Flock Together
Happy Holidays
Support our troops.....
Remember When?
Big Daddy
Big Mama
God is great beer is good life can be history the rest a mystery if you drink don't drive
Joy is hope faith and love
Sweet Old Fart
i Heart my family
Life my golden years
Howdy Folks
In The Presence of Royalty
Grandpa I Am
Happy St. Patty's Day
Look the world straight in the eye!
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