About Pop Superhero

Cookie Cutter Girl, 21st Century Pop Superhero, packs "Girl Power Pop" with a PUNCH! CCG is freeing women from the mold in which society holds them captive & breaking the mold of the female pop star on 500+ RADIO STATIONS & 30+ CDs. ROLLING STONE says CCG is "Nashville's Version of Fiona Apple." COOKIE CUTTER GIRL, 21st Century POP SUPERHERO... at your service! Welcome to my "BE A HERO" STORE, GROUPS & BLOG, where *you* can find *your* "INNER SUPERHERO" and CHANGE YOUR WORLD one day at a time. Feeling overwhelmed? Think your voice doesn't matter? THINK AGAIN! *YOU* can make a difference. Small changes *YOU* make WILL result in BIG CHANGE. *YOU* are 1 LINK in the neverending chain that is our UNIVERSE. CONNECT YOURSELF, discover your "INNER SUPERHERO" & CHANGE YOUR WORLD!