About Roddenberry Entertainment - Mission Log

Welcome to the Mission Log Store. I've created the below rating system so that the user can make an informed decision when making a purchase. I'm a huge fan of comfortable shirts with quality prints. In fact if you've never tried on a shirt made of Bamboo fibers (or the equivalent) I highly recommend it. You may never go back to traditional fabrics. Over the last few years we've tried a number of online "print to order" apparel services and have been disappointed time and time again. Spreadshirt allows for multiple shirt fabrics and printing options. Designs can be printed as standard "Digital Prints" or via a higher end technique called "Flex" or Flock" printing. Their Digital prints are by no mean poor in quality... In fact we've noticed our digital print samples be of high quality and above the competition. The Flex and Flock process gives a much thicker and cleaner print resulting in a design that is bold, color-true and ultimately longer lasting. However, one-offs are never cheap, especially when it comes to apparel. This is why you'll see items in our store that range from $30.00 to $50.00. These higher end items are not only printed using the best printing techniques, they're also printed on higher quality fabrics such as those made of Bamboo fibers. I know some of the listed prices are on the high end but I assure you you'll both see and feel the difference. - Rod Roddenberry STANDARD - Standard Printing Techniques & Fabrics HIGH - Higher Resolution and thinker printing techniques and heavier weight fabrics. HIGHEST - Best of the Best in terms of printing techniques and top notch, super comfortable and long-lasting fabrics.