Live Your Faith

About Live Your Faith

Live Your Faith hopes to touch so many people around the world who aren't ashamed to actually live their faith in the world we live today. I hope one of my products gives you the confidence to "Live Your Faith!"

Hey everyone, I'm Kylie! Live Your Faith is so special to me because it defines my past. Live Your Faith means to genuinely live it by wearing your favorite Jesus Shirts, Jewelry, having a Bible Verse on your coffee mug, etc. When I was in High school, I would wear Jesus Shirts that have a Bible Verse on the back. I wasn't ashamed of my faith and by doing this, it made my life so much better. It felt as if I can do anything I put my mind to just because of wearing a Jesus Shirt. I hope Live Your Faith inspires you to do the same. I put so much time and effort into all of my designs, I hope y'all enjoy. Don't be afraid to Live Your Faith, we need more people like you to spread God's Word to the entire world!

I also have a blog and I encourage you to subscribe to it at: Https://

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