Hillary is a corporatist who boasts she will raise $2.5 billion dollars from Wall Street this election, yet wants you to believe she will be “tough” on them. She is owned by them.

Hillary is the biggest military hawk in Democratic history. She voted for the Iraq War, for the Patriot Act with its NSA spying on American citizens, for the Afghanistan War "surge," and single-handedly convinced President Obama to attack Libya against the will of Congress and against the advice of CIA and Pentagon intelligence. Her Libya policy has led to absolute disaster and chaos, the death of high-ranking American statesmen and ISIS-backed terrorists controlling much of the country. Demonstrating that she has learned nothing, she wants to repeat this with Syria.

Hillary is a crony politician who will say anything to any audience if it will manipulate a vote. Witness her recent “change” on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal (TPP) which she helped arrange as Secretary of State. She publicly defended it until one week before the Democratic Debate when she conveniently "opposed" it because her position was unanimously unpopular among progressive democrats whose vote she is trolling. Does anyone believe she won't push TPP again, as soon as she thinks no one is looking? Just follow her NAFTA trail if you have any doubts.

Hillary is a consistent dissembler who, because of her tenuous relationship with the truth, must couch every utterance in tortured legal syntax so she can someday claim that she meant the opposite of what she appeared to have said.

Hillary boasts that Republicans are her enemies. She complains they are out to “get” her. She famously blames her persistent scandals on a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” Yet she irrationally claims she will be able to “get things done” and work with Republicans in Congress. If elected, expect more wasted years and useless gridlock.

I pledge that Hillary is an unacceptable candidate.

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