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It is ultra high quality! Really really comfortable and it fits me perfect it couldn't be better!


I loved the sweater. Has an odd fit at first but feels great when ya get it situated. Only issue was the actual print seemed inconsistent. Two out of the three sweaters had very faint prints on the front, seeming somewhat like the cast had run out of ink or something. Great other than the printing.


Comfortable, warm, fits perfect and super style


Material is good but it's too small. It wasn't clear enough if this is a child size. At this point I won't be wearing it. I'm disappointed. I was really looking forward to wearing something from this brand. Can't afford to buy another anytime soon. :( It didn't have tags either, wonder if it's new.


I got it home ... I had to wash it immediately ..smelled bad... the chemical of professing .., the logo is too small and it is. crooked .... don’t want ano to her b one ... it is comfortable. .. wish I loved it ... sorry 🙁
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