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iHeel (Men, 3XL-4XL)
King of the Comments (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Alphabet (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Dos Sillas (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Professional (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Lucha & Chill (Men 3XL-4XL)
Rest Hold & Chill (Men 3XL-4XL)
THE Heel Shirt (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Better In The 80s (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Better In The 90s (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Sophisticated (Men, 3X-4XL)
Super Finisher (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Developmental (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Optimist Pessimist Heel (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Heel Turn (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Pro Wrestling Guy (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Believe In The Heels (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Anaconda Vice (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Heel Dictionary (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Lemons (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Best for Business (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Villains (Men, 3XL-4XL)
Heel Propaganda (Men 3XL-4XL)
Warning (Men, 3XL-4XL)
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