Red Boxin' It! [fbt]

Baby Cap

Red Boxin' It! [fbt]
Red Boxin' It! [fbt]

Red Boxin' It! [fbt]

Baby Cap

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Baby Cap | Brand: Rabbit Skins | Fabric Content: 100% Cotton

Product Details

Is your baby self-conscious about their bald spot? Or (more realistically), maybe you’re just seeking the perfect cap to keep them warm and comfy. Available in an array of colors, this baby cap is the perfect gift or purchase for that newborn.
  • Brand: Rabbit Skins
  • Fabric weight: 5 oz (midweight)
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • EasyTear label for extra comfort/branding ability
  • Imported product, printed & processed in the USA

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hope they have more options for colors and bigger for toddlers

Red Boxin' It! [fbt]

Red Boxin' It! [fbt]

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