About Mitten Boy Threads

All T-shirts were designed personally by me, Emmett Short, AKA Mitten Boy. I got the nickname Mitten Boy when I first started doing standup comedy. I'd go on stage wearing my grandfather's old knit wool gloves with a t-shirt. It got people's attention I guess because it was a little unorthodox but I never once made a mention of it. I just liked having my grandfathers gloves on. It helped me feel at home on stage. Plus it didn't hurt that when I shook peoples hands they couldn't tell I was nervous and that my hands were all cold and clammy! Fellow comics started calling me mitten boy and I was like, "Hey! These are gloves! They have fingers!" But that didn't stop em, and the name stuck. Besides being hilarious... it's something that helped me stand out in my early years of comedy. So now I bring to you Mitten Boy T-shirt designs. Please feel free to clap on a pair of knit gloves or mittens with these. It'll help you stand out.