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Te-C-H-No (techno)
FEmale is IronMan (2 colours)
V-O-Te (vote)
V-I-Rg-O (virgo)
V-I-Rg-In (virgin)
My mother had me tested (eleMental)
Te-S-Te-D (tested)
Science Bitch
The building blocks of Sc-I-E-N-C-E (science)
FEmale is IronMan
Don't Panic
C-He-F (chef)
Periodic Table - Small (v3)
Periodic Table - Full (v2)
Periodic Table - Full (v1)
O-Mg (omg) - Full
La-Dy (lady) - Full
Br-At (brat) - Full
Be-At (beat) - Full
Be-Ar (bear) - Full
Ba-Nd (band) - Full
U-F-O (ufo) - Full
S-Am-Ba (samba) - Full
S-Al-Es (sales) - Full
Re-Se-Ar-C-H-Er (researcher) - Full
Re-P-Li-Ca (replica) - Full
Pr-O-F (prof) - Full
Pr-O (pro) - Full
Po-P-Co-Rn (popcorn) - Full
Po-K-Er (poker) - Full
Pa-Ni-C (panic) - Full
Pa-N-I-C (panic) - Full
P-U-N-K (punk) - Full
P-O-W-N (pown) - Full
P-La-Y-Er (player) - Full
O-F-F (off) - Full
Ni-K-O-La Te-S-La (nikola_tesla) - Full
N-O-I-Se (noise) - Full
N-Ar-C (narc) - Full
Lu-C-K-Y (lucky) - Full
Lu-C-K (luck) - Full
Li-B-Ra (libra) - Full
Li-Ar (liar) - Full
La-S-Ag-Na (lasagna) - Full
La-B (lab) - Full
K-I-S-S (kiss) - Full
K-B-O (kbo) - Full
In-F-O (info) - Full
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