From Dusk Till Dawn: Titty Twister (Color)
From Dusk Till Dawn: Titty Twister
The Simpsons: Flying Hellfish 2
Dirty Harry: Make my day
Breaking Bad: Don't fuck with Heisenberg 2
Pulp Fiction: Does he look like a bitch?
El Sargento de Hierro [ESP]
Terminator: I'll Be Back
Do or do not, there's no try
Hazlo o no lo hagas, pero no lo intentes [ESP]
Indiana Jones: Mola Ram (Kalima)
Karate Kid: Cobra Kai
Rocky IV: Ivan Drago
Greatest American Hero
Monkey Island: Grog
Dragon Ball: Red Ribbon Army
Kill Bill: Hattori Hanzo
Dragon Ball: Red Ribbon
Knight Rider: KITT
Don Robot
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