About The Original Contra Code

There are many contra code t-shirt designs out there now, but this one is mine.

This design was originally created by me in 1992 in my high school graphic design class. I was learning hand-cut silk screening and this was the first two color print I'd ever done. The shirt became popular throughout the school and I sold dozens of them. My teacher let me use the shop after school hours to print more to keep up with demand. Unfortunately after graduating I didn't have access to make shirts anymore. In 1999, I started a t-shirt printing business from my home and had an online store. Around 2004, online t-shirt shops exploded on the internet and they all had a lot more money than me to advertise. I ended up having to shut down my business and instead use companies like Spreadshirt to print my designs.

So that's the story of my contra code t-shirt. I can only guess that in 1992 I was the only person to have printed this on a shirt. That's why I call this the "original" contra code t-shirt. I also think it's a nicer, cleaner, and more faithful-to-the-source than all the other designs I've seen over the years.