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Shirts for angry trans girls, queer anarchists, internet oddballs, and our accomplices. Like us on Facebook!
Original GOOD NIGHT ALT-RIGHT shirts and more available on TeeSpring!

Good Night Alt-Right
This Tranny Kills Tyrants
This Tranny Kills Tyrants
We Can Do Better 2D
This Tranny Kills TERFs
We Can Do Better Campaign Shirt
We Can Do Better 3D
Fuck Passing
This Tranny Kills TERFs
Arm Trans Women
Testosterone XXX (white)
Estradiol + Spiro (black)
Against You (black text)
Against You (white text)
Pro-Trans / Anti-State (white)
Arm Trans Women
Tranarchy (gold glitter)
Estradiol (white)
Testosterone (black)
Spiro (black)
Tranarchy (3-color)
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