What is a Lohan? POLO NO BACK LOGO

Men's Polo Shirt


What is a Lohan? POLO NO BACK LOGO
What is a Lohan? POLO NO BACK LOGO
What is a Lohan? POLO NO BACK LOGO
What is a Lohan? POLO NO BACK LOGO
What is a Lohan? POLO NO BACK LOGO
What is a Lohan? POLO NO BACK LOGO
What is a Lohan? POLO NO BACK LOGO
What is a Lohan? POLO NO BACK LOGO
What is a Lohan? POLO NO BACK LOGO

What is a Lohan? POLO NO BACK LOGO

Men's Polo Shirt


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Classic-fitting Polo Shirt for Men,100% Cotton, Brand: Gildan

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The polo shirt is not just for tennis or golf anymore; in fact, it spans the entire style spectrum from street savvy to country club chic. It’s perfect when dressed up or dressed down. Paired with jeans or khakis, this versatile piece deserves a spot in your lineup.
  • 100% cotton | Fabric weight: 6 oz (heavyweight)
  • Ribbed collar and cuffs
  • Double-stitched waist and collar
  • Mock wood 3-button front
  • Imported; processed and printed in the U.S.A.

Product dimensions measured on a flatly laid out product.

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B (inch)

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Shirt is very nice. When it was washed, it really shrunk. I wish was informed as to how much it would shrink. I would have ordered a different size to allow for shrinkage.


Nice quality shirt. Looks great on my husband.


Finding a fun and comfortable shirt for Easter was proving difficult. Then i came upon your web site and all problems were solved. This Easter shirt was the hit of the dinner. I appreciate the quality of the shirt and the design.




The Santa and Ugly Sweater polos are great! I'll be ordering from you again, thanks!
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chinwoo Vertical

chinwoo Vertical

What is a Lohan (Luohan)? “….those who overcome their enemies” In any language…Lohan in Chinese, Arahat in Sanskrit-India, Rankan in Japanese, Dgra Bcom Pa in Tibetan…they are all referring to the same people. The Arahats (lohans) of India The traditional Arahats of India were he disciples of the Guatama Buddha (Prince Siddhartha, 6th Century B.C. India). There were originally 16 Arahats (Later 2 more were added) who each had hundreds of second level disciples who were also Arahats. Their fundamental goals were to spread the teachings of Buddhism. Arahats are those who have attained a successful level of personal development through self observation and self cultivation. Traditional Arahats came from many backgrounds in life, including monks, military leaders and royal families. Arahats are detached from worldly matters, yet can function very well within society in any activity at anytime. Each Arahat is known to have supernatural abilities (powers) used for the benefit of Humanity. Martial Arts, Lohans of China The Traditional Lohans of China were Martial Artists who trained outside the Shaolin Temples, starting approximately during the 3rd Century A.D. Traditionally the Shaolin Martial arts were reserved for the monks inside the temples. Due to various circumstances, these martial arts spread outside the temple walls to non-Buddhists. These Lohans were partially responsible for the hundreds of styles of Kung Fu seen today The Chinese Martial Art, Lohan or “outsider” are devoted to the martial arts codes of conduct such as righteousness, benevolence, kindness and justice. These codes grew from the compassionate Buddhists teachings from India, the Taoist Spiritual Teachings of China and from the philosophy / codes of conduct of Confucius. These martial artists became the forerunners of the “Wandering Knights of China”. Which have been made popular in the movies of today. Typically they are depicted as heroes who help the weak, suppress evil and who use all the martial arts and spiritual abilities for the benefit of Humanity

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