Welcome to the unofficial Blades of Exile merchandise shop! Blades of Exile is a small suite of computer software, released originally in 1997 by Spiderweb Software, which allows the user to create, share, and play role-playing games with the game system of the company's award-winning Exile trilogy. There are over 300 adventures to play right now, ranging from quick missions and joke games, to massive epic adventures and series with complex, overarching storylines.

Alas, the original software cannot run on modern computers, and, not wishing for his fans' work to die, lead designer Jeff Vogel and his small company released the code and its resources under the GNU GPL 2.0+ license, allowing fans to modify, update, and improve the software! A small development team is hard at work rewriting the code, adding new features, fixing bugs, adding new graphics, and more. It's a labor of love and we are not making a single penny from it.

These designs have NO MARKUP. The only people making money off these shirts are Spreadshirt, the printers, and as you can see, their prices are very reasonable. If you'd like to spread the word about Blades of Exile or just wear a cool retro pixel design, please buy one of these shirts!

There are mostly-stable versions of the software out now, although it's still a work in progress. The base of the Blades of Exile community is located at the company's official discussion forums, with links to the latest versions of the software, places to download scenarios, resources for making your own, the IRC chat room mostly used for development coordination at the moment, and other useful things.

Happy adventuring!

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